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How To Observe Kosher And Halal In Your Breakfast Diner

by Charles Pieter

Because of the renaissance in bacon in the United States, it seems like you can't go anywhere without having bacon on something. The popularity of bacon and sausage can be a challenge for your patrons who may be observing halal laws or kosher guidelines. Nevertheless, with beef bacon and beef sausage, you can offer many of the same dishes to your Muslim or Jewish customers without changing much of what you do. Here are some ways that you can provide them the same great experience that your other customers will get, while honoring their heritage and religion.

Be strict about following the guidelines in preparing the food

Because these guidelines are so important to your Muslim and Jewish customers, you should take strict precautions when preparing beef bacon or sausage as a substitute for regular bacon or sausage. You shouldn't use the same grease that you have cooked pork products in. Ideally, you would use a skillet or cooktop that hasn't touched pork, though this can be a significant challenge. It may be worth investing in a few skillets that are set aside and handled separately.

You will also want to make sure that you use vegetable oil or another vegetable fat when you fry your bacon. If you use butter, you will run afoul of kosher laws requiring the separation of milk products and meat. Beyond that, prepare the beef bacon in the same manner that you would ordinary bacon. 

Be careful in plating your food

When you plate your food, be careful in how you do it. Kosher law precludes animals from being cooked in their mother's milk, so this can lead to issues if you put cheese, milk, or cream in scrambled eggs. Make sure that the eggs and bacon don't touch each other - an easy way to do this since you are already going to extra lengths to abide by halal and kosher laws is to put the bacon on a separate plate. Additionally, make sure that if you butter your toast that you prepare it in such a way that the butter won't melt on to the beef bacon or sausage.

These steps will show your patrons that you are serious about observing halal and kosher, and this will help your restaurant to bring in additional patrons who are observing these laws. This can help to further elevate your business and make you even more successful.