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4 Must-Try Ethiopian Foods And Beverages

by Charles Pieter

Whether you're going out to a restaurant or ordering African food online, there are a ton of must-try Ethiopian foods! Although Ethiopian food is often meat-heavy, there are two days out of the week in which Ethiopians generally "fast" – or refrain from eating any meat or dairy products, so Ethiopian food is often a good choice for vegans. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few must-try Ethiopian foods and beverages.

Fasting Macchiato

Coffee has become a huge part of Ethiopia's economy and food culture. Macchiatos, in particular, are coffee drinks that have taken a foothold in Ethiopia due to the fact that the country has strong political, economic, and cultural ties with Italy. A fasting macchiato is made with non-dairy creamer; in particular, it is often served with sunflower milk.


This bread is a mainstay of Ethiopian culture. With nearly every meal, you'll be utilizing this soft bread with an almost sponge-like texture. Injera is composed of teff flour, which is a vegan alternative to bread that is constructed from other substances. It's also gluten-free! Injera is often served with a bevy of foodstuffs, including sauces, fresh vegetables, and an assortment of beans. Injera comes in two varieties: dark and light. The texture is a bit odd and its taste is quite strong, so sometimes novice foodies have some issues with eating it. However, for those that give it a chance, they will find a food that is complex and equally delicious.


If you want a dish that complements injera quite well, then look no further than shiro. Shiro is a dish that is essentially a sauce made from chickpea powder and then slow cooked with a sauce that is endemic to Ethiopia – red berbere sauce. The consistency varies depending on how the dish is cooked. There are thin varieties, such as the shiro wot (which almost resembles a soup) and shiro tegamino, which takes on the texture of a thick dip.

Timatim Salata

This is a dish that is as spicy as it is refreshing. It's largely constructed out of tomatoes, but comes with a number of other vegetables and is dressed with the chef's choice of either red berbere or jalapeno sauce.

Ethiopian food is as delicious as it is complex. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of what to expect from traditional Ethiopian dishes and foodstuffs. Buy African food online, and explore a whole new world of tastes.